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Hey, everyone. My name is Seth Williams, and I run a team out of the Boston, Massachusetts, market in a small town called Winthrop, right outside the city. This is actually my first full-time year being a real estate agent, right? So part time years before, and so as I geared up to go full time back in 2019, in about October we launched Sierra Interactive. Everyone said, "If you're going to do Sierra, you've got to just get GGMS." So we followed along and did just that. Ever since the jump, the training, onboarding and literally everything from Josh and his entire team has just been phenomenal.

So we set a goal in 2020 to do 600,000 in GCI between myself and my buyer's agent, just at the start of a full-time year, which I thought was a really aggressive goal. And here we are, pandemic and all, in the middle of August, and we're going to change our goal up to a million dollars in GCI, which is just incredible. And honestly, other than some really, really hard work and not a lot of days off, all of that is attributed to Sierra and the guys at GGMS.

So thank you, Josh, your entire team. We just launched a brand new ISA. He's sitting over here in the corner, banging through the database, running those filters. All that stuff, doing the daily workflow that Josh and his team have trained us to do. If it wasn't for that, I'm not sure where we'd be today so thanks, Josh, from the bottom of my heart, and the team here at Ledge & Young Real Estate and We wouldn't be anywhere near where we are today without you guys. You guys have changed our life. If you guys don't have it, you've got to get it. Let's go.

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Seth Williams
Ledge & Young Real Estate
Winthrop, MA

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