The Melissa Terzis Story

Hey, I'm Melissa Terzis. I'm with RLAH Real Estate out of the Washington DC area. We have had our Sierra site for about three years now, and we were doing a lot of the work manually. We wrote our own drip plans. We went through painstaking efforts to test different drip plans and try things to see what might work. And we just didn't have a ton of luck. It was so much manual labor of us having to call these people over and over again and attempt to get them on the phone. And we'd heard about GGMS probably about six to eight months before we actually signed on and deployed the system. But everybody was raving about how they were getting responses from people and it was really organizing their system to enable them to focus just on the lead that really were bottom of funnel, ready to come out.

And so that's what we did and we were amazed to find out that it started working almost immediately. It was magic. And we laughed and looked at our plans versus their plans side by side, and just a couple even differences in words in some of these plans were getting responses from people where ours weren't. And so that is really what made a huge difference for us in our business. Last week, we just closed a million dollar lead of somebody that saw an onsite message and responded to it by saying, "Hey, can you ping my fiance? I'm in a meeting right now, but we want to see this property." And we went out three times and got them under contract.

It's been amazing for us. And I think the value is really in the organization of the system and where it gets you instead of looking at your whole database and focusing on however many thousands of leads might be in there, you're focusing on the ones that are really looking for attention and really raising their hand and saying, "I'm probably ready to do something here." And that way they don't fall through the cracks. So I hope that that helped. We're huge fans and we're glad that we signed on. Thanks.

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Melissa Terzis
RLAH Real Estate
Washington, DC

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