The Jeffrey Chenore Story

Hi, everybody. This is Jeff Chenore with the Chenore Real Estate Group at Keller Williams in South Florida. I've been a licensed real estate broker for the past 24 years and used multiple CRMs. We finally landed on Sierra maybe three years ago and, through some research and time spent, found GGMS.

The team of GGMS and Sierra by far has been the best choice we've made in CRM through my career. Hands down. It's a fantastic system. One is great. Both are fantastic. GGMS in particular, however, with the action plans and online lead flow charts and coaching is just an amazing add-on.

I wouldn't have Sierra if GGMS weren't a part of it. If I ever left Sierra, it would only be to go where GGMS is. I hope this helps you make a decision for me and for my team. It's been the right decision. GGMS is absolutely a leader in online CRM coaching. Hope everyone has a fantastic 2021. Thanks. 

Agent Info

Jeffrey Chenore
The Chenore Group
Keller Williams SW
Pembroke Pines, FL

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