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Increase Engagement and Following on Instagram with MaherGram!

instagram social media Aug 02, 2020

What exactly is MaherGram?

MaherGram is an Instagram Automation Tool. This tool allows you to schedule posts on Instagram. Instagram's platform does not natively allow you to schedule things out or...

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The PRO/CONS of Dynamic Ads for Real Estate

social media Jun 29, 2020

Facebook dynamic ads for real estate allows agents and brokers to market listings to Facebook and Instagram users who have previously visited their website.

For more information about dynamic ads...

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Why is LinkedIn so powerful for real estate agents?

social media Jan 11, 2020

Are you a true realtor but unsure if LinkedIn is the right social platform for you? It’s normal to overthink your social platforms when it involves a platform you're not very conversant in.


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Why is it important for a Real Estate Agent to have a Social Media Strategy?

social media Jan 11, 2020

We live in a digital era where it’s a must for any business to take on some kind of Social Media strategy to succeed. The real estate world has seen a huge shift in the industry with the...

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Confused about what to post on your Social Media Real Estate Page?

social media Nov 27, 2019

GGMS Coaching put together a list of engaging posts that you can use to create engagement on your social media accounts. Feel free to use them however you would like. Remember, you can easily...

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