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🎥 Virtual Event Replay: Does your Google PPC manager do these 5 things?


Join Travis Lockett, Josh Jankowski, and Michael Gallagher as they talk about the key things every agent should look for in a PPC Manager.

  1. Does your PPC manager understand real estate economics?

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The wait is over... GGMS Media is officially LIVE!

ggms media Jun 29, 2020

We are excited to announce GGMS Media; a division of GGMS Coaching.

GGMS Media leverages Google and Facebook advertising channels to generate high-quality leads at a competitive cost.


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🔥 Chris Olson lands a BUY/SELL deal using GGMS Coaching!

ggms media google ppc Jun 29, 2020

Chris Olson (00:00):
...listed the condo, it got a cash offer in one day, and now they're going to turn around and buy a house. We're looking at houses right now. Yeah, all I did was just follow the...

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GGMS Media Client sets 43 Google PPC Appointments in 30 Days!

ggms media google ppc Jun 29, 2020

Ad Results Breakdown

GGMS Media generated 500+ Google PPC leads in the last 30 days for a client which resulted in 43 set appointments. That means that 8% of the leads generated turned into an...

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