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Keller Williams Mega Agent Ricky Cain talks about GGMS Coaching!


Learn how the Cain Realty Group is using the GGMS Coaching Platform within Sierra to manage and convert a heavier lead flow through the automated plans and filters provided.

Ricky is joined by...

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Embed Google Forms into a Sierra Interactive Content Page

sierra interactive Jun 30, 2020

Google Forms is a great FREE tool from Google which allows you to capture information and automatically send it to a spreadsheet or use Zapier to push the info into your CRM of choice.


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Need a wireless mic? Check out the Wireless GO from RØDE Microphones

awesome tech Jun 30, 2020

The Wireless GO from RØDE Microphones is the World's Smallest Wireless Microphone System. ...and they just released the Wireless GO in an all white version!

We have multiple pairs of these...

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Use Property Alerts & Market Reports to drive FREE website traffic!

crm sierra interactive Jun 30, 2020

Are you looking to drive FREE traffic back to your website? Is so, you need to make sure that your database is set up on Property Alerts and Market Updates!

Almost every IDX enabled...

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The wait is over... GGMS Media is officially LIVE!

ggms media Jun 29, 2020

We are excited to announce GGMS Media; a division of GGMS Coaching.

GGMS Media leverages Google and Facebook advertising channels to generate high-quality leads at a competitive cost.


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The PRO/CONS of Dynamic Ads for Real Estate

social media Jun 29, 2020

Facebook dynamic ads for real estate allows agents and brokers to market listings to Facebook and Instagram users who have previously visited their website.

For more information about dynamic ads...

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🔥 Chris Olson lands a BUY/SELL deal using GGMS Coaching!

ggms media google ppc Jun 29, 2020

Chris Olson (00:00):
...listed the condo, it got a cash offer in one day, and now they're going to turn around and buy a house. We're looking at houses right now. Yeah, all I did was just follow the...

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GGMS Media Client sets 43 Google PPC Appointments in 30 Days!

ggms media google ppc Jun 29, 2020

Ad Results Breakdown

GGMS Media generated 500+ Google PPC leads in the last 30 days for a client which resulted in 43 set appointments. That means that 8% of the leads generated turned into an...

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Text Messages & Phone Calls going undelivered? Use Hiya and Neustar to increase deliverability.

digital security Jun 29, 2020

Do you run a real estate business? Are you looking to increase your phone call answer rate and text message deliverability? If so, Hiya and Neustar can help you increase deliverability.


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Boost GSuite & Office 365 Email Deliverability with DKIM Authentication

digital security Jun 29, 2020

Are you running into email deliverability issues with your GSuite & Office 365 account? If so, this article explains why DomainKeys Identified Mail (DKIM) authentication is so...

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