Why Tagging Leads in your CRM is so Important

crm Jan 14, 2020

Tagging leads is one of the most important ways you can begin segmenting your database into actionable lists of users that you can then send highly targeted messaging to. Platforms like Sierra Interactive give you the ability to tag leads within your CRM.

Sierra Interactive has color-coded tags that are also defined by categories. A category could be things like user profile or contact preference, which then underneath this category, would have tags like a text message, email or phone call preference. ...or things like downsizing, veteran or first time home buyer.

By applying tags to leads as you find out these tangible data points, you begin creating a more organized database. Once tags are applied, you can then easily recall anyone who matches a certain tag or use smart filters within Sierra Interactive to automatically look for and include or exclude specific leads that have a certain tag attached to them.

As you work your leads and find these taggable data points, you can then send super-targeted messaging to certain groups of people. For example, we can pull anyone with a Veteran tag and begin putting them on an action plan that automatically speaks more directly to them about something that matters to their unique home buying or home selling situation. Additionally, by being more targeted in our followup, it also gives us the ability to not send messaging that doesn't resonate with that individual user's wants or needs.

Tagging data points is also super powerful for having phone conversations. As you call leads, you can quickly look at this section of tags and formulate a clear understanding of who and what that particular lead is within your database versus having to go through and read a bunch of notes sections and spend valuable prospecting time reading through notes to figure out who and what this person is.

Using tags is one of the most powerful ways that you can begin segmenting your database into groups of people that you know more about and then begin leveraging that information to have a more educated conversation with them.

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