Why Sierra Interactive is the most powerful CRM/IDX Platform.

sierra interactive Jan 14, 2020

Sierra Interactive is the most powerful all-in-one CRM/IDX platform available for real estate agents. This article cover 5 reasons why we believe that you should give Sierra Interactive a try.

  1. Price Point

    The first reason Sierra Interactive is the most powerful all-in-one CRM IDX solution is its price. At the time this article was written, the price of Sierra Interactive is $499 per month. This is dramatically more cost-effective than other platforms, such as BoomTown or Commissions Inc.

    This price point instantly gives you a higher budget for things like advertising & marketing. So basically, if you're on another platform that's charging $1,200, $1,500 or $2,000 a month, this $499 price point will allow you a tremendous amount of additional lead generation resources. And as we know, the more money that we have to spend on leads the more opportunities we have to convert them into deals.
  2. Features

    This brings me to my second reason why Sierra Interactive is the most powerful all-in-one CRM IDX solution; Features! The $499 price point does not mean that features are cut. The system still has just as many, if not more, features than the other platforms available. Such as fully automated action plans which incorporate a mixture of voicemail, text message, and email that can all be dialed in down to the specific day and time that you would like these different steps of the plan to occur. They also have the ability for you to use a unique tracking link generator. The tracking link generator is a tool that allows you to instantly transform any content or listing page on your website into a lead routing tool and lead generation tool. The tracking link generator can instantly apply a specific search, a specific action plan or specific tags, as well as who the leads from this particular ad should be assigned to.

  3. Built-In Single Line Dialer

    Another super powerful feature within Sierra Interactive is the built-in dialer. That's right, Sierra Interactive has its own built-in single line dialer to make dialing through your prospects easy and efficient. The ability for you to make dials directly out of your CRM greatly reduces the amount of double data entry and increases the level of productivity that you and your team have when it comes to following up with your leads.

  4. Sierra Interactive's Partner Platform

    Sierra Interactive also has a partner platform. The Sierra Interactive partner platform gives other companies the opportunity to build technology within the Sierra Interactive ecosystem. We, at GGMS Coaching, have built a feature set that allows you to instantly import tons of presets into your system and begin lead generating and lead converting using our tools.
  5. Managed Google PPC Included

    Sierra Interactive includes Google Pay Per Click management in your monthly platform fee. Yes, you can literally turn on Sierra Interactive and have them generating leads for you at zero cost! This is a unique feature that many platforms charge you extra or charge you a minimum monthly fee to have as an option. Sierra Interactive can then deliver these leads directly into your CRM, which can then be put on follow up plans immediately as the lead registers on your site.

    For more information about Sierra Interactive, you can go to www.sierrainteractive.com and check out a free demo.

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