Why is it important for a Real Estate Agent to have a Social Media Strategy?

social media Jan 11, 2020

We live in a digital era where it’s a must for any business to take on some kind of Social Media strategy to succeed. The real estate world has seen a huge shift in the industry with the coming of the internet.

These days, the first step in the home buying process will almost always be a quick Google search for prospective buyers. Getting a potential customer’s attention requires more and more care, hard work and creativity than ever.

Always remember that being in an industry that is marketed as a brand, puts you in a big advantage when it comes to social media strategy. It’s much easier to build trust as a brand on social media than it is to build yourself as a service. Trust is an important factor as you will most likely operate in your local community as a real estate agent.

What better way to find your clients than to be on the platforms they visit frequently? Social media is no longer an option, it’s a must.

Social Media will help your real estate business with the following aspects:

  • Quick engagement with potential clients
  • Content publishing (congratulate friends and client on birthdays, properties bought from you etc)
  • Advertising your latest real estate listings available.
  • Brand Reinforcement
  • Social Messaging
  • Customer Relationship Management – keep clients happy

Get ahead of your competitors with an unbelievable real estate social media strategy. By developing the perfect social strategy, you will be dominating social platforms that will have a long lasting effect on your business’ success. Get ahead of your competitors by employing the winning tactics we will discuss further.




What platforms should you use as a Real Estate Agent?

Choosing the perfect social platforms to make use of depends on what kind of real estate you conduct. For example, Snapchat and Instagram cater to a much younger audience than Facebook or LinkedIn does. Nonetheless, Facebook and Instagram is still taking the crown when it comes to social engagement.

No matter which of these platforms you use, remember the following tips:

  • Always include your address, hours of operation & area of service on all account bios.
  • Have ample of calls to action on your page, for example, Call Now, Schedule a Meeting or your website link. Remember that you are trying to drive conversions over just traffic.
  • Keep it simple and professional. Know that you are representing yourself with a personal account, so be aware of how you will be pictured by prospective clients when you post/share.

The importance of quality content

Unethical shortcuts have little room in an effective real estate social media strategy. Social Media Algorithms prioritize quality content, and so will prospective clients. High quality, useful content will always end up on the top of your social feed. Content is key, it brings in visibility, gets people talking, and sells your brand.

It is important that as a real estate agent, you establish yourself as someone who is invested in your community. Let people see you engaging in events, this will fare well in a public forum like social media.

You are an expert in something most people will have to go through at least once in their lifetime. Most people can benefit from the knowledge you have to share.

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