Why Google PPC is Still Awesome for Real Estate Lead Generation!

google ppc Jan 14, 2020

Here are a few reasons why we believe Google pay-per-click is the most powerful way real estate agents can generate paid leads online. Google pay-per-click is intent-driven traffic, meaning the user sought out the search engine and requested to learn more about a certain topic. Google then serves up ads based on the keywords that you or your pay-per-click manager are using to target the ad.

For instance, if we get a registration for a keyword such as, "Homes for sale on Clearwater Beach", chances are we had the answer to the question that the user was asking the search engine. It's super powerful knowing that your conversions are coming from interested people that seek out your website and/or additional information for something super relevant to what it is that you are selling.

Another major benefit of using Google pay-per-click is that you begin to push more and more intent-driven traffic to your website. Ultimately, some of the traffic is going to convert into leads, and some of those opportunities are going to leave your website because potentially they didn't want to register or maybe it wasn't the right answer for what they were looking for. However, using cookie tracking -- Facebook Pixel, you can begin retargeting them on social media channels such as Facebook and Instagram.

What makes this so powerful is that the Pixel audience you're retargeting is now comprised of more intent-driven traffic. Versus targeting cold traffic on Facebook. Over the years, Facebook has made its platform easier for the average user to run an advertisement; soaking up a lot of marketing dollars. Now, at the end of the day, the average user has a budget of only x amount of dollars and now with Facebook being another option, marketing dollars are being split amongst other channels. Some agents have chosen to completely move away from Google and rely on only Facebook advertisement.

Our outlook is that there are less noise and competition in the Google pay-per-click space. In most markets, we're seeing leads sub $10 and at times around $5 or less per lead. Ultimately, Google pay-per-click is as close as you're going to get to a Zillow type lead that is interested in speaking about real estate with you and your brand.

There is an argument to be said that Zillow leads are hotter, and that's because that lead is typically inquiring about a specific property. Therefore, they are by nature further along in the process than someone just browsing through for different leads or different areas rather.

Sierra Interactive includes Google pay-per-click management in your monthly subscription to their service. This gives you the ability to take advantage of this awesome lead source while not having additional management or monthly flat fees added to your bill.

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