Use Property Alerts & Market Reports to drive FREE website traffic!

crm sierra interactive Jun 30, 2020

Are you looking to drive FREE traffic back to your website? Is so, you need to make sure that your database is set up on Property Alerts and Market Updates!

Almost every IDX enabled website or all-in-one IDX/CRM solution gives users the ability to assign a property alert and market report.

How do I find leads that are not receiving a property alert or market update?

Most all-in-one IDX/CRM solutions give you the ability to isolate leads that are not receiving a property alert or market update using their built-in lead filter capabilities.

Make sure that your general property alert is broad!

This is a very important step. Why? ...because property alerts are typically only delivered when new listings match the search results.

If the lead is not on a property alert and hasn’t recently told you their desired price range and area then it's best to set them up on a board property alert.

This will ensure that they are receiving a steady flow of property alerts and increase the chances of the lead returning to your website.

Are you a Sierra Interactive user?

If so, Sierra Interactive gives you the ability to easily find leads that are not currently on a property alert or market update.

...and if you are a GGMS Coaching client, we give you two smart filters, Zero E-Alert and Zero Market Update, which automatically identify which leads need a property alert or market update applied.

The other bonus is that property alerts and market updates are delivered using Sierra Interactive's own email server which technically doesn't have a client send limit.

Keep in mind, Sierra Interactive will automatically reduce sends if the email isn't periodically opened and eventually quit sending the alerts altogether; even if you delete the stale alert and set them up on a new one.

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