The PRO/CONS of Dynamic Ads for Real Estate

social media Jun 29, 2020

Facebook dynamic ads for real estate allows agents and brokers to market listings to Facebook and Instagram users who have previously visited their website.

For more information about dynamic ads for real estate on Facebook, you can follow this link:

The PROS of Dynamic Ads for Real Estate

  • Helps push traffic back to your website based on data captured through a Facebook pixel.
  • The leads see ads in their news feed related to the listings they viewed on the agent site.
  • Advertisers can set up Dynamic Ads and charge high monthly fees with little-to-no real maintenance involved.

The CONS of Dynamic Ads for Real Estate

  • No control over the selected ad imagery, the ad catalog selects a photo that in many cases looks random.
  •  The ads typically look very Craigslist-ish, which can be a major turn off for the consumer.
  • Potential homeowners looking to sell their home will be under the impression that this is the type of photography that your real estate business uses for marketing.
  • The consumer has zero idea what Facebook dynamic ads for real estate are. They are under the impression that these are your listings.
  • If you work in a market that does not allow you to advertise other agency's listings or you personally are not comfortable leveraging other agents listings then dynamic Ads for Real Estate is not for you.

Dynamic Ads for Real Estate Examples

Below are a few examples of what Dynamic Ads for Real Estate looks like on a Facebook newsfeed. Notice how the ad imagery is completely random and in many times has little to no value for the consumer.

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