The power of property alerts! ...and why they work.

crm sierra interactive Nov 17, 2019

One of the most powerful tools real estate agents have for engaging their database is a property alert or E-alert email.

What makes E-alerts so powerful is that they are a NON-sales way of delivering a potential buyer exactly what they are looking for, properties they might be interested in.

The E-alert gives them the opportunity to look at the homes available in the market without having to talk to anybody until they are ready to do so.

The advantage of the E-alert email that most Real Estate Agents forget about is that while they are delivering the buyer exactly what they want, the Realtor is getting exactly what they want and need in the form of touches and branding.

The number one way to stay "top of mind" is to constantly “touch” them with multiple types of content.

Calling, texting, and emailing leads is great but that must be paced out so that you don’t scare them off.

The E-alert allows you to “touch” them potentially every day in a way that doesn’t make them feel pressured.

Even if a Lead has not given you their search criteria it is very important to get them set up automatically when they come in as a lead with an E-alert or property list of your entire work area with a very broad price range.

Think of it as serving up what they find on Zillow or or any of the other property search sites that they know or and are comfortable with using every time they log in.

This way they can immediately start getting branded and touched in their inbox with these E-Alerts so that when you do reach out to them in the form of calls, text or emails they will be more likely to know who you are and the conversation will have a higher percentage of being positive.

Having a powerful all-in-one CRM is vital for being able to make these things happen automatically and instantly when a lead comes in. This should be happening right away with proper lead routing.

Even more importantly, an all-in-one system gives you the ability to track what actions the lead takes with the E-alerts, text messages and phone calls so that you know who needs to be called, texted or emailed based on the leads activity or lack of activity.

It is very important with all that is going on now in the industry that a real estate agent or brokerage use one of the many all-in-one CRM's in order to keep up with the ever-changing market and technology being used by the bigger companies that are competing with.

The internet causes confusion for buyers because they start filling out multiple forms on Zillow,, Facebook, Google or any of the many sites providing lead platforms.

Immediately after filling these forms out they get overwhelmed with phone calls, text messages, and emails from multiple agents lenders and ISA's.

Buyers can become irritated with all the activity and in some cases become confused about who they are dealing with.

The E-alert is only one example of the ability to automate touches and create branding. The industry is shifting and if you want to stay in the game you need to have access to the tools that will allow you to keep up as the automation of everything real estate continues to become a real thing.

You as an Agent have complete control over how it all plays out. If you want a handshake to continue to be a necessity at the closing table then it is up to you to utilize the tools that can automate but still add the personal touch by doing the job, making the calls and shaking the hands.

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