Sierra Interactive Launches @Mentions Feature

crm sierra interactive Nov 13, 2020

Sierra Interactive just released a brand new feature, which allows you to add or mention people and communicate back and forth with multiple people that are assigned to a lead.

I believe this is something that's going to have a deeper impact as they roll out additional features. However, here's what they have today, and here's what you need to know.

What are @mentions?

Anyone who's assigned to the lead or has access to the lead, for instance, a lead manager, or someone who's assigned as an agent or lender, anyone who is basically a part of that specific lead, you can @mention.

@Mentions can be done within the note section when you add a task or log a call. Essentially all you need to do is use the @ symbol on your keyboard. In this case, the agent name is another user within this account, this demo account who has manager level access.

Ways to use @mentions

If we look on the left side here underneath Agents and Lender, you can see there's no one assigned on the sell-side. There's also no one assigned as a lender. However, "Agent Name" is a manager-level user within the account.

This is great if you make an ISA, a manager-level user, you can then have your agents @mention the ISA even if the ISA is not assigned to the lead. So then they can have correspondence like, " Hey, please continue to follow up with this lead. Reassign this lead back to yourself," things like that.

If it's a lender, you can add the lender and say, "Where are we at with this file?" All kinds of different things, lots of big uses. This is the beginning of a new notification style that Sierra is going to be rolling out.

How do I get notified with @mentions?

If you mention anybody on any lead record, that person who's being mentioned will automatically receive an email, letting them know that they've been mentioned on that lead.

Final thoughts...

Super excited about this update. Let us know if you have any questions, but this should be live in your account right now.

Once again, they need to have access to the lead, meaning assign the lead if they're an agent level user. Or if they're not an agent level user, they need to be manager level access within the account to be mentioned without actually being assigned to the lead.

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