Sierra Interactive Launches Custom

Sierra Interactive Launches Custom E-Alert Subject Line Feature

sierra interactive Nov 16, 2020

Sierra Interactive launches custom E-Alert subject line feature for you to change the alert subject line to a custom subject line.

Why is this important?

Historically, every property alert that is sent out of Sierra Interactive's email system contains the same subject line.

For example, if you setup multiple searches for a lead because you have more than 1 MLS feed or if you would like to send them a main search plus a secondary search the email subject line is the same and the lead can not easily know which is which; that is, until now!

Speak more directly to your leads!

The custom e-alert allows you to speak more directly to what's included in the search.

For instance, here are a few subject lines that you could use.

  • Alex, have you seen these properties yet?
  • Susan, these properties match your search and just hit the market!
  • Frank, here's your monthly list of price reduced properties!

Keep in mind, ultimately the "Search Name" is still presented to the lead at the top of the email body once the lead opens up the email.

Where is it located?

Sierra Interactive's new custom "E-Alert Subject Line" feature is found on the screen used to create an "E-Alert" or "Market Update" at the lead profile level underneath the "Searches" tab.

Custom "E-Alert Subject Line" Feature Screenshot

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