Index Your Sierra Interactive Website on Google (Including Properties)

seo sierra interactive Mar 10, 2020

Are you looking to increase your Sierra Interactive websites organic exposure on Google? If so, this article is going to show you exactly how to index your entire Sierra Interactive website on Google using Google's search console tool.

Why is this important?

Submitting sitemaps to Google is super powerful because it essentially forces an index of your website giving Google a clear image of the links that you would like them to take into account when crawling your site.

Not only can you submit your main domain sitemap to Google Search Console, but you can also create save searches and turn those into indexable sitemaps as well.

After submitting your sitemaps to Google Search Console, you will instantly begin noticing increased organic search traffic and organic leads.

How do I get started?

In order to submit a site map to Google, you must first have a Google search Console account.

Go to and set up a Google Search Console account.

Once you have created a Google Search Console account you will need to verify the domain that you would like associated with the account.

This may require you to send the TXT snippet to because they manage all the Sierra Interactive domains through Cloudflare.

Once you have a Google Search Console account and have successfully verified your domain you will then be able to submit sitemaps for Google to index.

What type of .xml files should I submit?

There are two types of sitemaps that GGMS Coaching recommends to have submitted.

  1. Main Website URL Sitemap
  2. Active, Pending and Sold (if sold data is available in your market) listing feeds

Turning your main website URL into a .xml sitemap.

Submitting your main sitemap will inform Google about any pages and blog posts that you have created on your Sierra Interactive website.

In order to access the XML site map of your main domain, all that you have to do is add /sitemap.xml to your main domain.

For example,

Changing a saved search URL into a .xml sitemap.

The most powerful way to use Sierra Interactive's sitemap feature is by creating two saved searches. The first for Active properties and the other for Pending properties.

You should also generate a saved search for Sold properties if your specific market still allows access to the information.

You can aslo choose to only index a certain type, price point, or area if you want to isolate down to only a certain region. This is great for hyper-local websites or larger MLS regions.

In order to submit your listing feeds to Google Search Console you will need to create saved searches and then turn the URL into a .xml sitemap that Google can read.

Here is what a normal saved search URL in Sierra Interactive looks like:


This is what it looks like when the link is turned into and indexable .xml sitemap that can be submitted to Google Search Console:


Notice how "results/?searchtype=2&was changed to "sitemap.xml?"

How else can I use these sitemaps?

Another place that you can use the same site map URLs is with Microsoft Bing.

Head over to and complete the similar steps on their platform to index all of the same URLs on their platform.

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