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instagram social media Aug 02, 2020

What exactly is MaherGram?

MaherGram is an Instagram Automation Tool. This tool allows you to schedule posts on Instagram. Instagram's platform does not natively allow you to schedule things out or do any auto-posting within the application, versus applications like Facebook that allow you to schedule posts for the future coming from a business page; making this a really unique tool. It's going to allow you to grow your following and become more engaging on the platform.

MaherGram Pricing

Simple. Yearly Pricing.

The really cool part about MaherGram pricing is it's all yearly pricing. So it's one time payments for 12 months, $49 is the cheapest package. So you're talking super affordable for being able to go in and use this tool to auto-post to Instagram. You can manage one Instagram account for the $49, three Instagram accounts for the $69 and up to 10 accounts for the $139.

So it really depends on how many pages you have and how many you plan on connecting to the service.

Creating a Post in MaherGram

Once you're inside of the program, the first tab you're going to see here in the navigation menu is the ability to add a post. This gives you the ability to not only add a standard image or video post, but also an Instagram story or an album. Lots of flexibility there between what you would like to post. You can get the media into the program from a few different options here, and you can also delete things as well.

Once you've uploaded some media, you can then select the media and it will give you a preview over here, and then you can begin typing a caption. The other thing that you can do here is you can do a first comment, which is kind of unique. Being able to go in and comment on your posts. Maybe put a little more context around what the post is or something that you might not want to put in the caption, but you definitely want to have included in the post.

Once you've done all of this, you can schedule your post and you can choose a date and a time when you would like that to happen.

In the advanced settings, you can also choose a location and auto remove the media. Meaning, once these posts, it goes ahead and deletes from this library over here so that I don't accidentally post this again in the future. So you can do that as well if you would like to clean up this media section as you're making the posts. One really cool part here, and we're going to go over this here in just a second is this caption tile. Obviously we get the ability to put emojis into the post. So if you'd like to put emojis in your caption, you can, but the little tile allows you to use caption templates.

What's really cool about the caption templates is they have predetermined copy. So all of these hashtags or hashtags that I've looked up and you can do the same thing for your community and you can make as many of these as you want.

Viewing your MaherGram Calender

So let's keep going and we'll take another look at captions in just a moment. The next thing we have here is the calendar. This is going to obviously show you where everything's at and what you have and anything that you have posted, or that you have in progress to be posted and you can make edits to those if you'd like.

Saving Default Captions in MaherGram

The next tab that we have is a captions tab which we talked about a minute ago. What this allows you to do is add captions. Give the caption a title and you build out your captions.

What's really cool about the captions is you can have ones for different things such as maybe real estate versus the beach versus motivational quotes, right? Or fitness, right?

So you can have these different tags that you've already done all the research about what tags you want to use and which ones have the highest volume, and you can begin using those, right?

Connecting an Instagram Account

The next thing we have is the accounts. So if you have an account with more than one, you can connect the additional accounts here. There's also a statistics area that shows you all of your followers and who you're following as well as a profile portion. The advanced analytics is really where there's some pretty cool information. In the advanced analytics, it's going to show you all kinds of data about not only your posts but daily stats and the Instagram profile's growth looks like over time.

Built-In Image Editor

The other cool part they have is this little image editor. So this is a pretty basic image editor, nothing too crazy in here, but it allows you to do a lot of the things that you would typically do from your phone. So if you're looking to post something like an Instagram story or an Instagram post, you can go in here and you can make those little tweaks, you can save it and then make your post out to your Instagram account.

Auto-Unfollow and Auto-Like posts on Instagram

This program also gives you the ability to auto-unfollow. I don't use this one, but it's there. The next one's auto like, and what this does is takes a look at hashtags, places and people. So I can search for hashtags or if I want to put places or people and I can type out whatever that hashtag place or person is. And then I can add that down here below. So I've added all of these that you see here and what's going to happen, I have this active and I have the speed at auto. This is anytime someone in any area posts and tags this in it as the hashtag, the place or the person it's going to auto like that post from my account.

So tons of engagement with other profiles and other people, this is a really good way to keep the frequency of your engagement up on your profile.

Auto-Comment posts on Instagram

Auto-Comment works the same way, hashtag place, people. And in here we add all of those and then we add comments. So you can use the username or the full name of the profile, the media person who made the initial post. Here I just have some basic emojis and anytime those things happen, right? Any time that someone posts to this, it's going to make that comment.

Auto-DM new Followers, Auto-Repost & Auto-Follow

Auto-DM New Followers. You also have the ability to do an auto DM with new followers. So when a new follower follows your page, you can basically tell them a message whereas I have here, "Hey, user first name, thanks for the follow, enjoy the content." You can add as many of these as you want and then it'll just randomize it as it's sending those to those new followers.

Auto-repost. What's really cool about the auto repost? It works the same way. Anytime something comes up into this filter, it's going to grab the original Instagram content and then it's going to repost that content from you and put a caption on it. You can use the user's name to say, "Hey, this was an awesome post by so-and-so." and it'll make all of that happen for you in the background.

Auto-follow. Works the same way. If any of these things happen, it'll go ahead and it will auto-follow.

Final Thoughts.

MaherGram is a total gamechanger, it will help you increase engagement and following on Instagram by leveraging the ability to schedule posts.

This is a great way to build that Instagram following and there's not a lot of places out there that do this at a high level.

MaherGram is super user-friendly, get in there, set it up, and begin growing that Instagram following.

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