How to connect SendGrid to Sierra Interactive in less than 10 minutes!

sendgrid sierra interactive Oct 15, 2020

Here's how to connect SendGrid to Sierra Interactive in less than 10 minutes! Sierra Interactive has recently begun allowing users to beta test their new mass-emailing integration with SendGrid and Mandrill.

SendGrid & Sierra Interactive Setup Steps

Follow the video above, "How to connect SendGrid to Sierra Interactive in less than 10 minutes!" which will cover the bullet points below.

  1. Create a SendGrid Account
  2. Remove email sending limit steps
    1. Confirm your account email address 
    2. Authenticate your sending domain
    3. Setup two-factor authentication
    4. Add payment method
  3. Create a Sender Identity
  4. Create a SendGrid API Key
  5. Attach your SendGrid API Key to Sierra Interactive inside of the integrations screen

Why use SendGrid with Sierra Interactive?

According to Sierra Interactive's help article, you can send up to 5,000 emails at one time, and up to 50,000 emails per day, via your connected SendGrid account.

This major step forward in platform functionality. In the past, users were required to connect Gmail, Outlook, or other email services.

In the past, mass emails to leads inside of your database that you were nurturing were sent via email addresses that are not made for marketing emails but rather transactional emails.

The SendGrid and Mandrill integrations allow users to connect a mass marketing email account to their Sierra Interactive account making the nurturing leads at a high-level via email possible.

Both SendGrid and Mandrill accomplish the same task. However, we prefer SendGrid's integration.

Important Tips

  • If you are attempting to verify your sender identity for the domain you are currently utilizing for your Sierra site (or one of your Sierra sites, in the case that you have multiple Sierra sites), and that domain is hosted via Sierra's Cloudflare account, you will need the assistance of the Sierra Interactive customer success team in order to complete this step. Please message [email protected] for more on this point.
  • SendGrid requires a sending domain to be integrated to your SendGrid account for more than 30 days in order to move past the "free trial" period. Until 30 days has been reached, you will only be able to send a maximum of 100 emails per day via your SendGrid account.

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