Different Registration Types in Sierra Interactive

crm sierra interactive Feb 28, 2020

Do you know that Sierra Interactive has multiple registration types you can quickly add to the end of any listing detail page URL?

There are four different registration URL endings that you can add manually or using the tracking link generator in Sierra Interactive.

The first type is /facebook

This is a great way to capture leads using Facebook data in Sierra Interactive. This type of registration form will instantly capture the first name, last name, and email address associated with the individual's account.

The second type is /more

This registration style in Sierra Interactive allows the user to login using Facebook, Gmail, or manual entry credentials. This Login style also highlights the number of high-resolution photos that are associated with the property.

The third type is /less

This type of registration form in Sierra Interactive also leverages the number of photos that are associated with the property but limits the registration to manual short-form entry.

Lastly, the fourth type is /?regtype=out

This type of registration in Sierra Interactive is best used when sending a property directly to a lead or sharing a property via social media in which case you would like to bypass your normal site registration requirements. 

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