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ggms media google ppc Jun 29, 2020

Chris Olson (00:00):
...listed the condo, it got a cash offer in one day, and now they're going to turn around and buy a house. We're looking at houses right now. Yeah, all I did was just follow the plan.

Travis Lockett (00:11):
Okay. I just threw the record button on, so could you repeat that? You got a Google lead, right? And they said they were working with an agent and all you did was apply...

Chris Olson (00:24):
Put them on the... Yeah. Yeah. I have an agent plan. Then the system said, "Well, can I still send you listings?" She said, "Yes" then she just kept continuing to talk to me. Then I just turned the system off. Then I just started engaging in conversation with her and she said, "Well, my boyfriend's going to sell his place." I said, "Well..." because it was in the area that I live and I know the area, so it was easy for me. So I set the appointment and then I went and got the listing 6% and now they're buying it. Now they're going to turn around and buy a house. Yeah. Worked out great.

Travis Lockett (01:04):
There you go, man. Oh, that is sweet.

Are you looking for help or do you have a referral for the Portland, OR market? If so, reach out to Chris Olson for more info.


Chris Olson
Licensed Broker in Oregon
Keller Williams Realty Professionals
9755 SW Barnes Rd, #560
Portland, OR 97225
O: (503) 546-9955
M: (503) 896-6100
License #200808080
Each office is independlty owned and operated.

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