Why is LinkedIn so powerful for real estate agents?

social media Jan 11, 2020

Are you a true realtor but unsure if LinkedIn is the right social platform for you? It’s normal to overthink your social platforms when it involves a platform you're not very conversant in.

LinkedIn offers plenty of information for land agents and a replacement platform for publishing content.


Here are 7 reasons why every real estate agent should use LinkedIn.

1. LinkedIn can assist you to study the important estate industry.

LinkedIn is the perfect platform for anyone eager to study any industry. If you're new to the industry or considering it as a career, LinkedIn can assist you in learning more about what to expect as a true realtor.


2. LinkedIn can assist you in building credibility.

Having a full professional LinkedIn profile will help build credibility for your company and private brand. The platform allows you to sell yourself as an agent. You'll add a biography about yourself, your skills, your background, and your company.

The more you build a diary of diligence and skills gained, the more likely a lead will remember you when it's time to sell or buy their property. Nonetheless, the potential for content on LinkedIn is big.


3. LinkedIn can assist you in connecting with the right prospective clients.

Every professional knows LinkedIn is the best platform for networking. LinkedIn can assist you in connecting with leads, not just other agents. Leads can include the people in your community who consistently interact with those looking to shop for or sell a property. They could be lawyers, lenders, financial planners, tax service providers, or any organization that gives relocation assistance.

First, you discover them on LinkedIn and connect with them online then meet them face to face. The next time they are in a conversation with someone needing a realtor,  your name is more likely to come up.


Join LinkedIn Groups

Like many other social media platforms, LinkedIn allows you to join or create a group, where you'll connect with others. LinkedIn features a vibrant community of niche groups, including many within the land industry.

Joining groups will offer you places to share advice, get new ideas, and help other professionals. Starting your own group can boost your professional status within your community.


Publish updates on your profile or on groups

Don’t abandon the thought to post content on LinkedIn. Posting content on your profile or in groups will attract new connections to your professional profile. LinkedIn is the perfect place for real estate agents to market their listings, blog posts, and curated articles.


Share posts or content pieces of other professionals on your profile

Sharing other professionals’ content will assist you in building awareness, credibility and connect with the proper people. Sharing content is often one of the simplest lead generation tools for real estate agents.


Ask clients to write down recommendations on your profile

Having LinkedIn will also assist you in receiving recommendations and endorsements from previous happy clients. By promoting your abilities, you'll build your professionalism and authority within the industry.

We can continue and go on about how LinkedIn can help agents, but the bottom line is this; if you're a realtor, without a LinkedIn account or profile, make it your priority to check-in as soon as possible!

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