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So GGMS has actually been a huge asset to our business. What we've found over the years in terms of leads and lead conversion is there's really three critical success factors. First and foremost is you need to reach out to people quickly. Secondly, you need to follow up with them consistently over time, since most leads aren't ready to transact right away. And then third, you really need to make sure that you're focusing on meeting as many people in person as possible.

The challenge is when you've got a large lead database and a growing lead database, the level of effort required to do that as an individual, making those phone calls, sending those texts can become very much a challenge and really takes you away from selling real estate. And that's really where GGMS comes in. Their solution has significantly upped our ability to reach out to clients and prospective clients and get more people to simply raise their hand. They do this in a variety of ways.

First and foremost, with new leads, they wrote very personal, organic looking engagement campaigns to really encourage new leads to respond to you, and they take a multimedia approach to this. As we all know, some leads will reply more to phone calls, some prefer text, and some may prefer emails or even site messages. And the multimedia approach that GGMS takes basically uses all of those different tools to try to engage and communicate with your leads and to get them to raise their hand.

They also have really good campaigns depending on where your buyers or sellers are in the process and these campaigns aren't just things that are written once and forgotten. They're constantly being updated and enhanced to increase the number of people that are simply raising their hand and speaking to you.

So if you're really looking to up your game and up the level of engagement that you have, especially if you have an older lead database that maybe has been neglected, GGMS is really the tool that you should look at because it's a great technology that you can incorporate into your business that will help automate a lot of the followup, get more hand raisers, and then lead to more closings.

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