The Andy Nazaroff Story

Hey there. It's Andy Nazaroff with the Nazaroff Team in central California. I am a Tom Ferry client as well as a Tom Ferry coach of teams. Have the pleasure of working with the crew at Sierra and GGMS for about six months, probably seven months now. Can't say enough great things about Josh, Michael, and their team. We really moved from a competitive platform to Sierra, not just because of Sierra, but because of the GGMS Coaching platform. It brought everything together for us, and we've had great results in conversion.

But most recently, the thing I'm more excited about is, we switched from going pay-per-click campaign on our own and gave that entire project to GGMS Media. Travis and his team, in this short period of time, has already got our cost per lead conversion down to less than $5 per lead. That's unheard of, or maybe in Tom's word, "Bananas." And if you're looking at anything out there, you've got to give these guys a crack. They know what they're doing. They'll build it for you, let you be the owner of it and give you all that control, but they run the ship, and they'll show you the numbers. They're very transparent and they're amazing people to work with. Give them a shot.

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Andy Nazaroff
The Nazaroff Team
Brokered by eXp Realty
Fresno, CA

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