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My name is Alyssia Essig and I am a Tom Ferry Coach and a GGMS user. And I can't say enough good things about GGMS. We started using GGMS about a year ago, shortly after we implemented the Sierra Interactive program. GGMS has incredible programs and action plans, DRIP campaigns, along with the training to use their system to highly engage any possible lead you'd ever want that would come into your CRM.

So if you're paying for Google leads, Facebook leads, Zillow leads, Bing leads, any kind of lead, the GGMS system will actually be able to immediately engage these leads and help you convert more sales. It's bananas, as Tom would say. One of the things that I absolutely love about the GGMS program is how flexible it is. So there are campaigns and action plans, traditional action plans, fully automated action plans, you name it.

For example, I had one of my brand new agents uploaded his entire new sphere of influence into our CRM and immediately applied the sphere of influence action plan onto his database. Within a couple of weeks, after the system was running automatically, my brand new agent got a referral for a million dollar buyer here in the Baltimore market. If you know the Baltimore market that's about three times our average sales price. So without the GGMS system, we would not have gotten that buyer. So it is an incredible system, check it out.

The campaigns that GGMS has put together for responding to any possible kind of lead coming into your CRM are just amazing. The way that the campaigns actually get leads to interact is it increases your chances of conversion rate by at least double, if not more. We've been using the system for just about a year now and it's absolutely incredible. The success that my agents and I are having using the GGMS system is just really awesome.

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EssigBass Home Team
Coldwell Banker
Timonium, MD

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